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Monday - Friday: 8am-11am
Age Groups: 1-12 years old

*Parents/guardians must remain on site at all times Mondays - Fridays while we watch the little ones.

Let our staff provide services for your children ages one to twelve years old so that you can enjoy the facility and participate in the programs.  Allowing your child / children to be involved helps to build their social skills, develop a sense of self, and encourages them to learn new skills.  Additional information and registration forms are available below.

The following letter to the parents gives an overview of the program, telling you the parent what to expect from us, and what we will expect from you. 



The following form sets a few guidelines and discusses the benefits your child will gain from joining our childcare program.



Here at the Coomes Center, we offer a variety of payment options for your convenience. The following form shows you all of these payment plans.



This form is where you will provide information about your child as well as contact information, emergency contact, etc. We also ask for your consent to take your child's photo, apply sunscreen, etc.



We ask that you initial each box in the form below for each activity you are providing consent. If a box is left blank we assume that you do not provide consent for that activity.





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