Class Schedules

The Coomes Recreation Center strives to provide top quality fitness clasess to meet the needs of our community.  Our Certified Instructors offer the latest styles and trends of classes guaranteed to challenge any level of fitness.  Classes are available to members and nonmembers (*see Fitness Pass Rates).  There are seven sessions of 6 week fitness cycles per year, with one break week between each session.  Classes are taught during break week at the instructor's discretion. Must be 14 years old to participate in classes (14 - 16 years must be accompanied by an adult).
          ~ Upcoming Yoga Session
        ~ Upcoming Spin Sesson
        ~ Upcoming Aquatics Sesson
        ~ Upcoming Group Fitness Sesson

Fitness Pass Rates

Each class participant will need to purchase a fitness pass card which will be valid for the upcoming 6 week session ONLY. This pass will allow participants to attend classes of their choice as long as capacity allows.
Participants are responsible for their cards, and must have them for instructor prior to class. If participants do not have card available, a new card can be obtained at any time during the current 6 week session. Cards are valid through the break week** which follows each 6 week session. If you are purchasing a new card towards the end of the 6 week session, you may want to partner up with a friend and split a card so that you are not left with passes when the card expires. Cards for the upcoming session can be purchased in the 6th week of the current session (which means that you have 8 weeks to use a card).
**Not all classes are available during break week, classes are scheduled at instructor’s discretion. Schedules are posted at the center during the 6th week of the current session.
Prices of the Fitness Pass Card which have six (6) punches are listed below:
Members $6.00 per card
Nonmembers $12.00 per card
Platinum Members Gold Card – no charge – valid throughout membership

Free Passes 

The Coomes Recreation Center invites the community to try a class on us!!  To participate in this free pass program, simply register with the front desk staff.  This is a one time offer, but is valid for any current class on the schedule. 
Personal Training 

Working with a personal trainer can be beneficial in balancing an individual’s well being. Those benefits include improvement physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
Coomes Recreation Certified Personal Trainers have certifications from nationally recognized organizations which have been validated by scientific research in the field.

Our Coomes Center personal trainers are:

Kim Dove
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
Cell: (276) 206-3709

Jacqui Pile
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Home: (276) 628-1152
Cell: (276) 690-5624

Libby Woolwine
Certified Personal Trainer
(276) 608-1568

David Woodward
Certified Personal Trainer
(276) 685-3877

Coomes Center Personal Training Program Pricing

(include free consult)

6 visits     30 minutes     (M) $120    (Non-M) $150
6 visits     1 hour            (M) $210    (Non-M) $270

12 visits   30 minutes     (M) $216    (Non-M) $276
12 visits   1 hour            (M) $360    (Non-M) $480

Buddy Package (2 clients)
12 1 hour visits             (M) $480     (Non-M) $600

Also Available:
(does not include free consult)
1 hour visit                   (M)$35        (Non-M) $45

**Payment plans available upon request by contacting Jennifer Johnson
   at 276-623-5279 or email
**Receive a 10% discount on your next package when you bring a friend to sign up.

Trainer Bios

Kim Dove
For over 30 years, Kim Dove has been working with individuals and groups to achieve health, fitness and wellness goals. Prior to moving to Abingdon in 2007, Kim worked with clients of all ages in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, McLean, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, Virginia.  She has provided instruction in private settings for children and adults with special needs; private gyms for special populations, large-scale fitness centers and community recreation facilities. Kim has taught a variety of group exercise classes over the years including interval training, strength training, high intensity cardio, Pilates, Yoga, dance fitness and Boot Camp style classes.  Since 2007, Kim has served as a coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor to a wide-range of clients in Southwestern Virginia. 
Kim’s philosophy is to partner with each client to design the most innovative and appropriate training program. This approach targets individualized health considerations, personal needs and goals.  Kim’s specialization in core strength, endurance and mindfulness training allows her clients to focus on total health (mind, body and spirit.) She is certified in the following areas: by AAAI/NASM as a Life and Wellness Coach; as a personal trainer; as an instructor of Yoga, Tabata, Cycling, TRX, Strength Conditioning, Core Fitness, Bosu and Cardio Fitness and by the Joseph Pilates Institute in Advanced and Basic Pilates Mat Work.  She earned Advanced Fitness Instructor status serving on staff for over 10 years at the YMCAs of Hampton Roads.  Kim is also a certified by the “Every Kid’s Yoga” Program as a teacher and trainer for children with special needs. 
Additionally, Kim has a special place in her heart for pediatric yoga therapy. For the past several years, she has worked primarily with children and teens with special needs. She developed a comprehensive health and physical education program to target mindfulness for children on the autism spectrum and/or with ADHD for Morrison School in Bristol, Virginia. Using her experience and knowledge as an educator, counselor and personal trainer, Kim created a total health and physical education program that can be used with students in grades K-12. This unique program is targeted to improve attention deficit, gross motor skills, balance, coordination, cardiovascular capacity, endurance and strength.
Kim holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Human Development and is currently working toward completing a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling.  Her professional experiences include an extensive career in corporate America as a human resources executive and as a Dean of Students for a large private school on Virginia’s eastern shore.  Kim is the mother of two sons; a junior at Virginia Tech and a high school sophomore.  She resides with her family in Abingdon, VA. 
David Woodward
My name is David Woodward and I have 3 healthy kids that God has blessed me with. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and trying my best to set an example for my kids to follow when they grow up, like going to Church for the spiritual and mental aspect and lifting weights and eating healthy for the physical aspect.
I am also a certified massage therapist and believe that with massage you can naturally reduce stress in your life and also help many other problems. I have been lifting weights since 1995 and hope to use my knowledge and experience to help train others to lead a healthy lifestyle. I can't promise that it will be easy as I help you reach your fitness goal, but I can promise that once your goal is reached, it will all be worth it...
Libby Woolwine
Libby was born and raised in Abingdon, and has been employed as a fitness professional at the Recreation Center since it opened approximately 17 years ago. In addition to personal training, she currently teaches a variety of fitness classes, including cycling, weight lifting, step, Pilates, and circuit training. Her years of experience and teaching diversity enable her to serve a wide variety of personal training clients. Her clients have ranged in age from 9 years old to 70 years old, and she has worked with a team of young motocross riders, developing sports specific workouts to improve their performance.
“My primary focus has always been to teach others how to exercise correctly - proper form, awareness of body position, making sure you make the most of your workout by really thinking about what you’re doing, understanding the muscle you’re working and how it’s behaving with each movement. I enjoy working with a variety of exercise tools - free weights, weight machines, exercise tubing, fit balls, the BOSU, weighted balls - to help my clients challenge their muscles and really see results in their training. I want to educate and inspire others to live the healthiest, most productive lifestyle possible.”
Jacqui Pile
Jacqui Pile has enjoyed working as a Personal Trainer for nearly eleven years, helping clients to incorporate wellness into their exercise programs, focusing on lasting lifestyle change.  She also has a passion for Triathlons and enjoys training those who desire to complete one.  Her husband and three children made Abingdon their home, relocating from the Washington D.C. area.
Equipment Orientations

Upon joining our facility membership, Certified Personal Trainers are available to provide new members with an orientation to the fitness facilities in the Center to help them get started safely on an exercise program.  Depending on medical history or status, we may ask for a medical release from your physician in order to proceed with the orientation process.  Dates and Times for orientations are located in the front lobby of the center.
Walking Club

For those who are 55+ years old, you can join our walking club monthly to walk our 1/16 mile indoor track during all operating hours. You can also include miles walked on the outdoor track which is 2/3 mile around the perimeter of the center. Members keep a mileage log each month and work toward incentive gifts for miles walked throughout the year.

Members: No cost
Non-Members: $15/month
Fitness Assessments

This is a great tool to give you a baseline of your fitness level. Available for members / nonmembers, the assessment includes flexibility, strength and endurance testing. It also includes blood pressure and pulse check, along with circumference measurements. Lastly, through a noninvasive procedure, we will test your lean mass percentage, fat mass percentage, BMI, and total body water. Must be done pre-workout, so be sure to call ahead for an appointment. Short sleeves and shorts preferred for testing.

Members: $5
Non-Members: $10
Senior Day

Tuesdays and Thursdays are our Senior Days at the Center. Seniors age 62+ are
welcome to use our facility (classes not included) at no cost from 6am-2pm. Come and join us!
 Flash Mob

Coomes Recreation Center Flash Mob Club

“The REC’ing Crew”

If you are looking for an exciting, new “movement” – the CRC Flash Mob Club is for you. Join us as we get involved with our area businesses and organizations, meet new friends, and entertain unsuspecting community patrons. Our certified fitness instructors will get you moving with the latest trends in fitness dance to include Zumba, Hip Hop, and more! 
The club will meet at the Coomes Recreation Center on the first Monday of each month at 6:45 pm. During the meeting, participants will get information about the date / time / location. There will be a Zumba class* immediately following the meeting for those who would like to attend evenings for practicing the routine for the upcoming event. Participants can also attend other Zumba classes* listed on the group fitness schedules. So mark your calendar and join us for our next meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Johnson at

*To attend fitness classes you must purchase a fitness pass. Please see the information for Fitness Pass Rates on our website for more information on pricing and age requirements. 

Flash Mob Flyer

We ask that you carefully read over the guidelines and sign the consent form before you participate.

Flash Mob Guidelines

Flash Mob Consent Form

*Missed the meeting? Contact Jennifer Johnson for more information.

Rec'ing Crew Food Country